Utilize the attached document and Answer the assigned questions completely

Utilize the attached document  and Answer the assigned questions completely in narrative, third person format to write paper. The paper consist of 1600 WORDS (word count for actual essay not including references word count). Also, include at least  four (4) scholarly sources in your responses that. Sources used MUST be from 2016-2021. Paper must be completed in APA format. NO PLAGIARISM! The assignment must be completed by FRIDAY JUNE 18, 2021 at 5:00PM central time. MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME MEETING ALL EXPECTATIONS!  

Focus on the reasons for ranking of some jobs higher than others on the level of emotional labor. Describe the following in detail based on upon the chart and your personal experiences as it relates to emotional labor:

1.The extent to which the job has required display rules. Emotional labor is higher where the job requires the job incumbent to display emotions while interacting with customers, suppliers, and others.

2. The frequency and length of interaction with other people. Emotional labor is higher where employees must display emotions frequent and for long periods of time.

3. The intensity of emotions required during this interaction. Emotional labor is higher where the job incumbent must display more extreme emotions.

4. The extent to which the display rules create emotional dissonance. Emotional labor is higher where incumbents must display emotions that are dissimilar or contrary to their true emotions at the time of the emotional display. 

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