Models of Restorative Justice You are a mediator working for

Models of Restorative Justice

You are a mediator working for a mediation center providing service in an urban area for residents, businesses, social service agencies, legal advocacy groups, and county courts. Your center helps communities develop models of restorative justice, including training programs for its clients.

You are considering adopting a restorative justice model from one of the countries that have been utilizing mediation. There are several countries from which to choose. You may select the Chinese model of people’s mediation committees (PMC) for settling disputes, the New Zealand model, the Norwegian model of restorative justice, or the Canadian model.

Prepare a Microsoft Word document and address the following:

  • Examine one of the countries’ models and evaluate whether such programs would be effective in the United States.
  • Specify which crimes the model would be appropriate for.
  • Show how the offender’s social network and local community can help in resolving crimes or disputes.
  • Explain when restorative justice is a better alternative than a traditional punishment.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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