1. How can wave energy help fix our current power


1. How can wave energy help fix our current power crisis?

Regardless of the season, waves are generated year-round at all times  of the day. This produces a potential for an unlimited zero-emission  energy alternative or substitute for the current energy power plants,  windmill technologies and solar panels.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the US has  been using wave energy to produce 66% of the country’s electricity and  this number will continue to grow as fossil fuel shortages and oil  prices continue to increase justify the need for this type of  technology.

2. Why are there no energy companies utilizing wave energy at a larger scale?

Because other renewable energy sources are so far ahead in their  development and research, companies are limited to the number of  investors that might be interested in this type of technology. There are  also negative economic returns for the investors at the moment, so this  makes this technology less attractive. This provides a slow road for  the development

Although the technology concept has been around since 1799, when the  first patent was produced for this technology. It was not until recent  decades that companies started taking a serious interest in this  technology. Countries like Scotland, Portugal, Norway, USA, China,  Japan, Australia, and India are starting to build structures to  implement wave energy.

3. What should we keep in mind as engineers while we continue to explore this technology?

Even though this technology is projected to have the potential to  provide electricity to the entire world, all regions of the country  might not be able to be reached with this type of technology alone.  There might still be a need for the conventional power plants to reach  those regions that are far away from the coastal areas.

Although a very practical idea and technology, another thing that  engineers need to keep in mind is that this technology comes with  limitations just like any other. An engineer must be aware of what  federal and state rules and regulations must be followed to protect  marine life, where can this technology be used or located, and what  obstacles need to be overcome to protect the investment against storms  (hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.).

One thing that I always tell the engineers I come in contact with is  to always keep the maintenance technician in mind when developing a new  technology or when upgrading is due. What might look like a practical or  easy maintenance procedure on paper might not be an easy task when  being performed out at sea or underwater. And in addition to this,  consulting experienced technicians and listening to what they have to  say can pay off when it is time to go to the drawing board.


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