Throughout Composition II, you have utilized research skills, problem-solving skills,

 Throughout Composition II, you have utilized research skills, problem-solving skills, and analytic skills. The Reflective Analysis provides the student the opportunity to assess their progress and accomplishments in ENGL 1213 and consider future options for success in academic courses, career fields, and real-world applications. For this reflection, you will write a letter of application for the provided job announcement (see page 2). Method of Organization • Proper letter format for addresses, date, salutation, and closing • A self-introduction paragraph with information on the job for which you are applying (see page 2) • A skills/requirement met paragraph detailing all of the accomplishments you achieved throughout ENGL 1213. This will include the research done and the problem-solving skills used. • An explanation paragraph detailing why the above credentials fit the job posting. • A call to action.
Reflect on all of the work written in ENGL Comp II. What did you research? How did you research? What were some of your significant achievements? • Apply all of the knowledge that you’ve gained over the course of the semester, accurately choosing what to mention in your letter for the job posting. • Apply the knowledge you’ve gained to a real-world situation. • Write a 250-500 word letter in response to the hypothetical job posting (see page 2). Requirements • Letter format—note that this is single-spaced • 250-500 words
Dr. Pat Simons, a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Oklahoma, is searching for a new student research assistant for the Psychology Department. The requirements are a completion of Composition I and II. The new research assistant’s tasks will be to take assignments from Dr. Simons and conduct well-rounded research. This will include an examination of texts from a number of scholarly sources as well as applying knowledge learned from said sources to new experiments and research.  Students will write a 1-page cover letter (250-500 words) in response to Dr. Simons’ search for a new research assistant. Explain how your experiences in Composition I and II helped give you the ability to complete the requirements of the job. Use specific examples from work done in the past (topics, thesis statements, problem-solving skills, etc.) How did this particular work help prepare you for this type of work? How do these works not just apply to academia, but to the workforce as well? Criteria for Success Category Description Points Mechanics Students will communicate using academic language and conventions of Standard American English. 5 Formatting Students will format a work utilizing MLA style formatting. 5 Organization Students will present information in a unified and coherent manner. 5 Content and Analysis Student.

Use the information above and answer the questions below in 500 words I need it in 8 hours in MLA format.

 Post your final draft of the Letter of Application to this area. This copy of the Letter of Application will be graded. For detailed grading criteria, see the Letter of Application Rubric located in Lesson 1.  

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