NSTRUCTIONS You should do it in a group of two



You should do it in a group of two or three. Please note that if you do it in a group of three, you have to also consider Qatar

Grading Criteria

C – Answered the question by presenting the information with the support of data and graphs.

B – Answered and developed the question by presenting and analysing the information with the support of data and graphs.

A – Answered and developed the questions by presenting, analysing, comparing and contrasting information with the support of data and graphs.

D – Didn’t fully answer all the questions.

F – Presented information from third parties (e.g. websites) without specifying the source. Presented information as the answer instead of supporting your own answer with information. Presented more than a phrase of information so that a substantial part of a paragraph is basically written by somebody else. Did not reference the third party information (e.g. through footnotes).


 Dibimilano (http://www.dibimilano.it/) is one of the brands of the company Alfaparf Group. (http://www.alfaparfgroup.com/) They have a presence in many markets – Europe, North America, Brazil, Russia, China and they have recently established a regional office for the Gulf Area in Dubai in the UAE. Their biggest market, though, in this area is Saudi Arabia and the company is coming under pressure from the Saudi Ministry of Trade to relocate its Gulf office to Riyadh. (If there is a third person in the group, include Qatar in your comparison) 

 1. Analyse the market for beauty treatments in the two countries and compare the needs of the women for dibimilano products and services. 

With Harvard citation and google scholar sources 

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