Examine the impact of WTI oil price on the S&P500 index

Custom Subject: Research Methods, Examine the impact of WTI oil price on the S&P500 index

In your assignment you are required to investigate the following: a) The impact oil price shock on stock market performance of a country of your choice b) In your estimation you can use control variables such as GDP, Inflation rate, unemployment rate of the country of your choice. Make sure your data has the same frequency eg. Daily, yearly. c) The data to be used in this assignment is WTI Price, GDP of the US, CPI index of the US, unemployment rate of the US, S&P500 index and Exxon Mobil, Chevron, General electric companies listed in that market from a country of your choice. Use data from 1980 to Dec. 2018 for the yearly dataset and from Jan. 2013- Dec. 2018 for the daily dataset. For the dataset use the Eviews programme.

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