Barriers to communication and social participation caused by cognitive deficits


Assessment 1- Short Answer Questions

This assessment was designed to assess your knowledge of strategies for developing and facilitating person-centred strategies for participation in various community settings, functions and activities to enhance their psychosocial well-being and lifestyle of a person with disability. In addition, the assessment will allow you to demonstrate your problem solving, written and critical thinking skills.

Assessment Instructions

Read the questions below and provide responses. Ensure that you read the question carefully and adhere to the minimum word count.


1. How should you obtain and document the support requirements of a client with a disability? Minimum 75 words

2.Describe five different support requirements specific to a person with a physical disability. Minimum 100 words

3. Provide the following details for four services in your area that cater to individuals with a disability:

  • Name of service
  • Overview of service
  • Cost of service
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Referral process
  • Contact details (phone number, physical address and web site)

4. List four potential barriers to participation for clients with a disability accessing services and other community facilities.  In addition provide four strategies which may be used to overcome these barriers. Minimum 150 words

5. Provide details of the policies and protocols that your organisation has in place specific to providing support and access to people with disabilities. Please see your trainer if your organisation does not have these specific policiesMinimum 100 words

6. Write a paragraph on the rules that should be followed when providing information about the availability of different options to the person with disability. Minimum 100 words

7. List five types of augmentative and alternative communication which may enable a person with a disability to establish their requirements for participation in neighbourhood and community life. 

8. Provide details of five methods that may be used for informing a person with a disability of their community options. Minimum 100 words

9. Detail five different types of opportunities that may enable a person with a disability to establish connections through shared interests with other community members. In addition please explain why finances might be required for the arrangement of these opportunities. Minimum 150 words

10. Detail four principles that should be established if activities are to enhance inclusion for a person with a disability. Minimum 100 words

11. Write a paragraph detailing four different aspects of care and support that should be included in a client case plan. Minimum 100 words

12. Write a paragraph on the devices, aids and the environmental modifications which may be required for a person with a disability to access their community.  Minimum 100 words

13. Provide the details of three types of specialist communication assistance which may be provided to people with disabilities. Minimum 100 words

14. Provide details of three different situations in which you would have to seek the advice of other workers. Also list three people and/or organisations who you would consult in the instances that have been identified. Minimum 150 words

15. Detail four barriers to communication and social participation caused by cognitive deficits. Minimum 100 words

16. Identify three transport issues specific to a person with a disability. Also describe three strategies for addressing these issues. Minimum 100 words

17. Describe two processes that could be used for the evaluation of person-centred strategies. Minimum 75 words

18. Visit one of the services you identified in question 3. Through your observations on the visit, what are five risks and/or barriers that may prevent a person with a disability being able to effectively participate at the service? Also provide three strategies which may be adopted in order to remove or reduce these risks and/or barriers. Minimum 150 words

19. Write three separate paragraphs on the following legal and ethical considerations relevant to working with disabled people:

  • Duty of care
  • Dignity of risk
  • Human rights, including the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (UNCRPD)

Minimum 150 words


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