Critically analyse, evaluate and discuss the potential for language learning enhancement of one specified pedagogical application of one specified technology (used for everyday communication) with reference to: a) its historical ‘location’ in developments in DTLT. b) the theories of language learning and teaching that underpin (inform) it application in a teaching sequence or its role in course design c) two pieces of research that have investigated the use of that technology Provide a supported, critical response to the research papers you refer to and make suggestions for further future research into the application of the specified technology. Suggested structure Section One: Description and definition of the technology and its application and intended pedagogical purpose in a specified context. (400 words) Section Two: Positioning of the technology in a DTLT developmental context. (400 words) Section Three: Theoretical analysis of the described use. (400 words) Section Four: Summary and description of two relevant research articles, tracing links, similarities and differences between them, and their strengths and weaknesses with cited support. (400 words) Section Five: Implications of studies considered and suggestions for further research (200 words)

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