Low income first generation college students are struggling to pay for college. ( that’s the challenge these specific students face).

For this essay talk about ONE specific kind of college students, talk about low income first generation college students and we need to talk about a challenge these specific students face.  ( they don’t know where to get the help/aid they desperately need. We must talk about ONE solution/practice that will help these students face that challenge. In this case  talk about programs available to these students to help them get around college and assist them in getting the aid they need, such as the TRiO program. It can only be one solution to the challenge. Include 3 RELIABLE sources to argue that if these specific students practice the given solution, they will be successful. Goal : Remember that the goal of the Persuasive Essay is to select a specific category of college students, define a practice that could lead to enhanced success for that category, and argue for the adoption of that practice.We must argue that if they adapt to the suggested solution they will be successful. ( so it must include a counter argument since we must purchase the audience that OUR Solution will bring success to these students Make sure to define what are low income first gen students, how many of them make up the college scene, how many are not graduating/not succeeding because of the challenge. Etc etc Thank you so much please send me a message if any concerns or questions:)! Must include a work cited page ( not including the 3 pages).

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