MEDST 317 :: Advanced Video Editing :: Spring 2019 SCENE ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT : This is not a critical-studies type of analysis. You will select a motion picture that has impressed you. Choose a specific scene from this picture, then try to analyze it. You’ll present the scene to the class, and share the reasons for your choice. Start by thinking about why you chose the picture and the scene (sequence). Obviously, there is something in it that appealed to you, and created a certain emotion in you. Once you ascertain this, you might then consider what was it specifically that affected you. You will find that it will be the work of one or more of the important film artists involved in the making of that movie (such as): § the writer § the director § the actor § the cinematographer § the production designer § the composer and, of course, § the editor The scene should be analyzed mostly from its editing point of view and contribution. Another purpose of this exercise is to learn to express your creative thoughts in a precise and brief way. Your presentation must be no longer than 10 minutes per person – no exceptions. This means you should be able to show your scene choice in short visual excerpts, while intermixing your discussion of the reasons you selected it. You can use various media for the class presentation including audio, video and or stills. You can start by showing us a video clip of the scene, then move to stills to show while you talk about what you like about it. This must be created using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint or Keynote or Prezi. You must store it on a flash drive ready to transfer the file, or have an accessible link ready. Be prepared with your presentation and the file – Label the file with your name !! • You’ll be called to present, load your work, and take the 10 minutes (max) to discuss. • You’ll submit your presentation file or direct link to me when you finish presenting. • No written report will be required; Just your presentation as you designed it to best aid in your discussion of the scene.

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