Harriet the Spy By Louise Fitzhugh

 Connector (5 points & 5 points) Job: 2 connections Select 2 kinds of connections from the list below to discuss. Text—Text: a connection between a part of the text and another text (book, article, etc.) Text—Self: a connection between a part of the text and yourself, e.g. your own experiences. Text—Media: a connection between a film, a tv show, FaceBook, etc. Text – World: a connection between a part of the text and things going on in the world, e.g. something you hear or read about on/in the news. Be specific about the section you are discussing. 1. Write chapter #, the page #, and add a pertinent quote or summary of the section. 2. Write what kind of connection it is. 3. Write a sentence or two about how this text relates to the book. Repeat for the second connection. Literary Luminary (10 points) Job: 1 text selection Select one special passage in the book. Help people remember an interesting, puzzling, funny, powerful, or important section. Share why you picked the passage. 1. Write the page # and a short quote representing your selection. 2. Write why this text should be selected—why is it important? How did it affect you? Illustrious Illustrator (10 points) Job: Visual Image and Retell Summary Represent the most interesting, important, or puzzling part of the text for you. You will create a visual image using paper and pencil/crayons, the computer, or watercolors to show how you “picture” this section in your mind. You may also use Internet or other images. Summarize your section briefly and share why you chose this section. 1. Write the page # and retell the section of this text in 1-2 sentences. 2. Write why you picked this section in 1-2 sentences. 3. Attach your image. Students have taken photos of hand drawn illustrations and sent them by email. That works. Total points for assignment: 30 Additionally, include one discussion question. Some themes to think about for Harriet: privacy, loneliness, adolescence, fitting in.. Remember to reference the text in your questions and answers when possible. Give us page numbers and quotes to ground the discussion with support from the book. Be careful of using “I believe” unless you say why you believe….

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