Privilege: government official family background. Burden: an Asian student in The United States.

 Writing the Paper In general, this paper is a combination of personal reflection and research tasks. For the personal reflection, you must identify and discuss two hidden privileges and/or burdens (one of each or two privileges or two burdens) that you have experienced in your life thus far based on your social class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability etc. Then you will apply one sociological theory (conflict theory or structural functionalism) to the privileges/burdens you identify in order to explore the larger social forces that are at work in your life. What does applying these perspectives to your own life reveal about your experience in society? In addition, you will apply at least three sociological concepts to demonstrate how and why your life chances were either limited or expanded in your examples. Finally, the research aspect of this paper involves finding additional scholarly sources to help you make recommendations for social change based on the privileges and burdens you identify. You will make two relevant and specific recommendations about how families, schools, communities, or the state or federal government could work to improve the life chances for all groups in society. For example, if I listed having a female gender identity as a disadvantage in the world of academia,  look for research articles highlighting this topic. implement and cite the articles/research in my recommendations for social change. Paper Specifics Your paper must be 7-8 pages long to be considered for full credit. You must give your paper an original title, the bulk of this paper is about you so personalize it. Formatting must follow these parameters (12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins) You must use five academic resources (peer reviewed journals, magazines, books). Your textbook and the McIntosh article can count as two of these sources. (We will be going to the library as a class to do some research-the sooner you identify your privileges and burdens the better). ***Note websites such as Wikipedia or are not academic resources. You must include a works cited/bibliography page. You are free to use MLA, APA, or ASA formatting.

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