PSYC 3250 W2019 Term Paper Assignment

One of the great challenges that behavioural neurologists and neuropsychologists face is integrating a seemingly random collection of signs and symptoms into a coherent and conceptually sound diagnosis of a disorder. The following case is a detailed description of neurological signs and symptoms presented by a patient in a neuropsychology clinic. Your task is to: • Name and describe the signs, symptoms and potential syndrome(s) (see term paper tutorial for review).

• Determine cognitive domain(s) impacted and possible brain damage localization (be specific!). Also describe other areas of cognitive functioning that you think might be impacted based on cognitive neuroscience research. Describe other clinically relevant data you would like to obtain (e.g. neuroimaging, neuropsychological reports etc.).

• Provide potential diagnoses – list 2-3 possible diagnoses that you feel should be considered based on the facts of the case. Then narrow your reasoning down to what you feel is the most likely diagnosis. Each of these aspects should be fully explained and justified based primarily on information provided in the course (including the lectures). In addition to the course materials, you should cite two (2) additional research papers related to your final diagnosis and that have informed your clinical decision-making process. HOWEVER, this is not intended as a research paper. I do not expect lengthy discussions on the etiologies (i.e. causes) nor an extensive bibliography. You may write 750 words for this assignment so your thoughts should be well reasoned and precisely stated. Superfluous writing and unfounded statements are STRONGLY discouraged. Case Study: Patient J.B. J.B. is a 68 year-old, right-handed man who presented in the emergency room with onset of difficulty speaking and mild paralysis of the lower face on the right side approximately 2 days before. His wife reported that J.B. has been struggling with morning headaches and nausea for approximately 2 years. His wife also intimated that she has become concerned about personality changes she has observed in J.B. in the past 12 months. Throughout the initial examination of J.B., his deficits in language persisted. He seemed to have moderate difficulty generating words, using short words or phrases laboriously. He was able to repeat words when asked, but his responses were stilted and slow. He had moderate difficulty when asked to write a sentence, producing only an object, noun and verb (‘She kicked ball’). J.B. seemed to comprehend and follow verbal instructions well. 

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