Book Review On Contemporary United States History

CRITICAL BOOK REVIEWS ✓ The critical book review is due March 13, 2019 (by 5:00 PM), and should be at least five, double-spaced pages in length (same font as the aforementioned summaries). ✓ Students must choose a book relevant to contemporary United States history, and ideally one that will be useful for their forthcoming research papers. ✓ Students should look at provided examples and book reviews in scholarly journals for an example to follow. ✓ Any cited material should be in the form of footnotes or endnotes and adhere to citation methods in Mary Lynn Rampolla’s, A Pocket Guide to Writing in History (9th edition) or Kate L. Turabian’s, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (7th or 8th editions)— both are condensed, user-friendly versions of The Chicago Manual of Style. See provided examples for clarification of citation forms. ✓ Reviews should include the following: ➢ Publication information (author’s name, book title, place of publication, publisher, publication date, number of pages); ➢ Include the overall thesis (what the work is attempting to prove); ➢ What other arguments are put forth? ➢ What information does the publication bring forth? ➢ Overall critique (what sources are used; how well it is written; etc.) ➢ Where does the work fit in the historiography (general category of works) on the subject? ➢ If applicable: have others written about this work and/or how does it compare to similar works? footnote writing example how to create & insert citations endnote writing example Historiography Definitions Historiographical Essay Examples

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