CONNOR INDICATED IN A CHAT THAT THE TEXT NEEDED, HATE CRIME BY JOYCE KING IS AVAILABLE TO WRITERS. You are expected to provide enough detail and thoughtfulness in your responses to show me that you read and comprehended the content. 1. Did James Byrd, Jr. do anything to precipitate this crime? If so, what? If not, why not? 2. The author gives details about James Byrd, Jr., including his hobbies, interests, background, friendly relationships, and family life. Overall, the author paints him in a positive light. How does this differ from the typical portrayal of crime victims in the media? Why do you think the author made it a point to discuss Byrd, Jr. in a positive light and as an innocent victim? 3. Shawn Berry appeared upset at the time the crime was occurring (i.e., peeing his pants in fear) and felt regret the day after for not going to the police right away. Should Berry be charged to the same degree as King and Brewer for his compliance and facilitation (i.e., use of his truck) in the crime? Why or why not? 4. John King makes several racist remarks to a variety of people, including showing off his tattoo of a hanged black man. Yet, no one confronts or speaks out to King about his racist sentiments. How does contribute to the subculture of hatred? What can we do as members of society to counter act this? 5. When the author arrives to Jasper and walks the path of the dragging, she remarks “I am more afraid than I have ever been”. Do you think her fears are well-grounded? Why or why not? In present day, do you think people of color still live in fear of racially-motivated violence? Explain why or why not, and give an example if possible.


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