“Motivating Employees through Compensation” & “Designing

This Unit covers Chapters 11 & 12 in the textbook on “Motivating Employees through Compensation” & “Designing Compensation & Benefits Packages”. Two critically important roles for HR and supervisors. Most organizations have an HR section devoted strictly to compensation and benefits with HR Specialists. Depending on size of the company it might be one person or a small HR Staff but in either case understanding the process of building a fair and legal compensation and benefits package in compliance with the many federal employment laws governing pay is essential. This unit is a good closeout to the course and follow up to Unit VII regarding safety programs as we look at developing a fair and legal compensation plan. This unit has a 500 word assignment paper requiring you to build a compensation package and plan for an organization. Be sure to closely follow all the instructions for the assignment as explained in detail in the course syllabus and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or need clarification on something “before” doing your paper. Also, be sure to use current sources under 10 years old.

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