Race and Technology

 Answer the QUESTIONS by reading the addition materials(USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE AND PUT THE PAGES NUMBER OF WHERE YOU FIND THE ANSWER) (You can keep it simple my professor is NOT looking for a paragraph length answer) Venus Green: “Race and Technology” (101-122, 136-) 1. Why is race alone an inadequate category for studying labor histories? 2. What happened once telephone operators transformed from white workers to black workers? 3. What guided Bell System’s hiring policies and perceptions of African American women? 4. How did Bell publications portray African Americans? 5. Why did the New York Telephone Company refuse to hire African Americans in 1920? 6. Why did the New York Telephone Company refuse to hire African Americans during the 1930s? 7. What was AT&T’s hiring policy for African American women prior to 1940? 8. How did the Civil Rights era impact Bell System’s hiring practices? 9. How did AT&T vice president Walter Straley justify hiring African Americans in 1969? 10. Why did the new Traffic Service Position System make things much harder for telephone operators? Aris Folley: “Gladys West” 11. Why is Gladys West significant? 12. Why is this brief article included in this week’s reading?

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