Rogerian Argument on Reality TV

Write a tentative outline for the argument you will use to structure your essay. Refer back to the Common Ground PowerPoint and other resources listed there to guide you. This is not a formal outline in the traditional sense of Roman numerals and parallel levels; instead, it is an outline of the specific argument structure required in common ground argument. If you find the outlining process ineffective, feel free to compose a preliminary draft of the paper itself instead. Whether you outline or draft, you should clearly indicate where each of the following occurs in the document: A clear, objective explanation of the issue that focuses on indicating why it is an important controversial problem that needs to be solved. Identification of the common ground (shared values). Fair statement of the position of those on one side of the issue and the contexts in which their position is valid. The objective is to make clear that you understand and respect those who have this position. Statement of the position of those who oppose the first one presented above. This usually reflects your own position, but is not usually written as such; you are presenting the material as if you are an unbiased mediator explaining this position as you did the one before it. List the contexts in which this position is valid. Statement of your thesis (which is the compromise solution to the issue) and supporting points that indicate why those who disagree with you would benefit by adopting your proposed solution. (NOTE: Your thesis statement for a Rogerian argument will usually be found in the essay when you discuss the solutions.) Upload your completed outline or draft to the “Common Ground Essay Outline.” Based on the input received for your outline, compose a three-to-five content page documented essay arguing for a common ground solution to the issue. Be sure to compose this essay in either MLA or APA format, and use the “RSC Composition Program Writing Evaluation Standards” document in Content Unit 1 to assess and revise your essay. Required length is at least two full pages; use either MLA or APA document style format. Submit your essay’s final version by the due date.

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