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Your first draft myst be 5-7 pages long, double spaced and typed in a reasonable 12 point font ( like Times or Palatino) For the midterm paper, select any film ( one screened in class or of your on choice ) and using at least four readings – two from the section of the course devoted to “film language” and two from that devoted to ” film and reality” – explain how film theory might help us make sense of its status as a film. Your analysis should consider specific formal features- stylists details- as well as other contextualizing features, including but not limited to the following: date of production and release ( when was the film made, and why does this matter) conditions of production , distribution , and reception ( how , where, and with what purposes – beyond the profit motive- was it made ?) and broader political , sociocultural, economic, and ideological factors. Choices for film language – – Bazin , ” The Evolution of the language of Cinema” – Henderson , ” Toward a Non- Bourgeois Camera Style ” – Prince , ” The Discourse of Pictures” – Dayan , ” The Tutor- Code of Classical Cinema” – Browne , ” The Spectator-in-the-Text” Choices for Film and Reality – Bazin, ” The Ontology of the Photographic Image ” – Bazin , ” The Myth of Total Cinema” – Carroll, ” Jean- Louis Baudry and ” The Apparatus” – Crary , ” Modernizing Vision” These are the readings, 2 of the readings must be used from ” FILM AND REALITY” and the other 2 readings must be used from ” FILM LANGUAGE”. In total 4 readings must be used in this essay. Briefly explain the 4 readings Films screened in class : -Missing ( Costa- Gavras, 1982) – Espionage Agent ( Bacon, 1939) – The Power andante Glory ( Howard, 1933) – Kim ( Victor Saville, 1950) – Last exit to Brooklyn ( Uli Edel , 1989 ) May choice between these films or can choose any film.

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