Technical Communication assignment Requirements: Part 1 You bought an electronic device from Jarir Store in Al-Khobar in the Eastern Province. You want to use your new device that evening that you purchased the item and discover that the device has some faults and cannot work as you had hoped. You are all of sudden disappointed frustrated and disappointed that your new device does not perform up to your expected standards. Write a ‘complaint’ letter to Jarir’s customer service department and complain about item and tell them what the problem(s) are with their product. Part 2 You represent the Customer Service Department of Jarir Store in Al-Khobar and received a letter of complaint from a customer who purchased a product from your store and that the product was faulty and does not work up to the customer’s expectations. Write a response to the complainant and address her concerns and decide what the company will do to help resolve the problem because we do not want unhappy customers. This assignment should be done in pairs (2 students) so that one student becomes a customer (this student will write the complaint letter) and the other becomes the company’s Customer Service representative and will write the second letter to address the concerns of the customer after you receive the complaint letter from the other student (Complainant). Requirement Details A. Both letters must address the following: relevant addresses, the date, salutation, body and conclusion. B. Your document must look good, read easily. C. You will lose marks if your document is mechanically flawed, cluttered, sketchy or hard to follow. D. Make sure one member of the pair uploads both letters on SafeAssign and submit a hard copy to the instructor of the course if required.


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