Examine and analyze issues of power, ethics, communication, and

While Assignment 1 focused on your individual behavior in the context of the human service organization, Assignment 2 focuses on the culture of the human service organization. In this paper you will discuss your present or former organization’s culture (your organization hereafter). Again, the intention is to explore the human service organization in the context of the theoretical framework presented in Osland et al. (2007) and Morgan (1998). As part of this assignment, you will: Describe the culture of your organization from the viewpoints of contemporary organizational theory. Provide a longitudinal description of how the organizational culture has developed and identify the roles of those who had the primary roles in its development. Examine and analyze issues of power, ethics, communication, and motivation in a historical context and presently in the organization. Distinguish processes or behaviors that are rewarded, punished and ignored and the extent to which this plays a role in the organization’s behavior and culture. Evaluate whether the leadership team displays adequate emotional intelligence and assess whether this could be valued as an important attribute (if your evaluation reflects poor application of emotional intelligence, then propose a scenario in which an adequate display of emotional intelligence may yield different results). Propose an action plan to impact the organization’s culture and behavior, and present a rationale as to why implementation of this could trigger organizational change. As with the previous assignment, your analysis should be done using the theoretical framework as described by the authors and must avoid the autobiographical approach. While the experiences and organizations described might be your own in the context of your organization or one you are familiar with, conceptualizing these should be framed in theory. In summary, the paper must demonstrate knowledge of the concepts as presented in the reading materials (text and additional sources) and should also reflect the skill in applying this knowledge to organizational behavior.

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