Electronic health records: current status, specific issues

A specific area of technology or nursing informatics that is important to the profession of nursing. This paper is a description of Electronic health records, an important topic in the profession of nursing today related to technology or nursing informatics. You need to choose a specific area that is of interest to you and/or you think will have an impact on nursing and health care. You need to identify and describe electronic health records using evidence from the literature You should state why it is important and anything pertinent about why you chose electronic health records. Instructions: This paper is designed to have students demonstrate their skills in writing a paper and/or to identify some areas of weakness. 1. Literature search – you must identify one article from a peer-reviewed journal. You may use more than one article if you like but it is not necessary. The article does not need to be a research study. 2. You should include an introduction and a summary. Your paper should be logical and clear. 3. You need at least one direct quote in the paper using correct APA format for the citation in the text. 4. You need to paraphrase at least once in the paper using correct APA format for the citation in the text. 5. You need a correct reference list using APA format.

#Electronic #health #records #current #status #specific #issues

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