The podcast, This American Life, has a recent episode looking at

 The podcast, This American Life, has a recent episode looking at immigration and the Trump administration. The episode is called “Let Me Count the Ways” and Act Three is 10 minutes long and really well suited to the topics we have been discussing in class regarding executive power and management. Listen to Act Three, “The Terminators”, and write a one page paper that details how you see this portion of the podcast as relating to executive power over the bureaucracy AND systems theory. You must make specific mention of details we have learned in class regarding executive power and systems theory AND of details from the podcast that relate to both topics. You must not exceed one page, double spaced, 12 point font. Submissions that have correctly understood and applied the class information to the podcast with the required details. More points may be awarded, based on my discretion, to submissions that have made valiant attempts but have misunderstood or misapplied information.

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