Themes across the stories of loss.

 Data Analysis Activity – Using the stories of loss from transcripts with women whose mothers were living with Alzheimer’s disease (Jonas-Simpson & Mitchell, 2004). Discuss categories and themes that you identify emerging in the stories. When you read the stories analyze this data from your chosen theoretical lens and/or ontological tradition (paradigm/worldview). Identify the categories and themes that seem important in the stories from this lens. In Chapter 9 of text, (Saldaňa, J., & Omasta, M., 2018, p.213-244), you will find guidelines for completing synthesis of data and for identifying codes and themes. Include excerpts from the stories to support your findings. Two-page description of the categories/ideas and themes you think are most important across the stories of loss. In a diagram show how the categories emerged into themes. Also show how the themes are consistent with and link with your chosen theoretical framework and world view/paradigm or ontological tradition? Remember this is data analysis of Qualitative research

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