Alcohol abuse in Brooklyn: Identify assessment tool(s) to assist

Term Paper: • 3-page paper • APA style referencing • Ensure application of the GST to the topic discussed • Define the problem as related to the focus of the course (high risk families) • Discuss how problem is considered a threat to high-families • Identify assessment tool(s) to assist individual/ family to cope • Provide an overview of nursing interventions

• Specify resolutions based on the General Systems Theory (GST) • Show how topic relates to selected course objective/outcome (make application) • Loss of 10 points from earned grade for late papers

• Write a three (3) page document with references 1. Must write 3 full pages (do not exceed 3 pages) If shorter or longer points are deducted 2. Paginate paper (1, 2, 3) 3. No cover page • Fourth (4th) page to contain: 1. Bibliography/ Footnotes/ References/ Works Cited 2. May use textbook as one (1) reference source 3. Must cite a minimum of three (3) references Must use at least one book to support discussion Must use one article to support discussion 4. May not use more than one (1) online reference 5. References must be written in the acceptable APA form

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