Identify stressors and protective factors.

This process will require the student to complete the case studies simulations located in the MyPsycLab virtual case studies area.  The instructor will assign the topics for the two required case study papers. The simulations are based on a fictional patient.  You will complete the simulation twice; focus on making healthier choices on the second simulation.  You may choose to complete on additional study of your choice for extra credit (max. 25 pts.)

Assess symptoms.

Assess other potential problematic areas of the person’s life such as social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, work/education level, physical.

Provide diagnostic criteria and rationale based on DSM-5.

Identify stressors and protective factors.

Run simulations again making healthier choices.

Write about both simulations.

            Since these case studies are the equivalent of comprehensive papers, you should discuss the concepts that we have studied throughout the course. (4-5 pages, double-spaced, font 12 – NOTE: 6 pages maximum) They will be due no later than the time indicated in the syllabus. They can be turned in early but not before the course completes the text chapter regarding the case study topic.  I will not accept late papers, nor will I accept emailed papers. The assignment must be submitted correctly in Blackboard. 


Format for the case study analysis follows. 

Format for case study analysis:

Part I: Diagnostic Impressions (10 pts.)

            A. Select and discuss key information from the case study that is relevant in your diagnostic formulation.

            B.  Select a primary diagnosis and your rationale for choosing that diagnosis in contrast to other possibilities you considered.  If you feel a secondary diagnosis is warranted, talk about it as well – along with your rationale for including a secondary diagnosis.

C.  Run simulations again making better choices. Summarize the outcome.

Part II: Developmental & Cultural Considerations (5 pts.)

Part III: Key Avenues for Treatment (10 pts.)

Part IV: Personal Reaction (5 pts.)

Describe your reactions to the case study and this assignment.  Did this assignment help you to better understand the theories and models we’ve covered in class?  Why or why not?

Part V: APA and References (10 pts.)

List references, using APA style. Refer to APA PowerPoint for proper style.  Don’t forget to include all relevant resources, such as lectures, presentations, etc.

You DO NOT need to submit a title page, running head or abstract.

Part VI:  overall writing quality (10 pts.)


Recap of Case Study Grading:

Part I: Diagnostic Impressions of first simulation                  10 pts.

Part II: Developmental & Cultural

Considerations                                                                                     5 pts.

Part III: Avenues for Treatment                                                          10 pts.

Part IV: Personal Reaction and secondary summary  10 pts.

Part V: References & APA format                                                      5 pts.

Part VI: overall writing quality                                                           10 pts.

                                                                                                            50 pts.

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