Beneficiary Model

What is the most competitive alternative out there? How do current beneficiaries currently cope in the absence of your envisioned product or service? Using Table 5.1 as a guide, build your own Beneficiary Experience Table. With what you propose to offer, what is meaningfully superior, different, or attractive (after validation by your advisors)? How will you outperform the most competitive alternative in the key segments you have targeted? If there isn’t anything meaningfully superior, different, or attractive, how can you alter your idea so that it is? How can you overcome the disadvantages you have in comparison with the most competitive alternatives for your target segments? Clearly articulate how you will do this. Please review attached assignment rubric Minimum 2 pages 1 Table Minimum 2 scholarly sources APA formatted ***my business model is Drifters bar and grill w/ attached bungalows for vacation rental in Costa Rica, we also are involved in philanthropies by supporting local homeless shelters as well as supporting local vendors****

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