Early Childhood and Special Education Lesson Plan

All materials needed for the lesson must be used or referred to during the PPT presentation including anchor charts, visual supports and manipulatives needed for the presentation. So please take a picture of materials yo used, and also make anchor charts… What you need to do is a prepared lesson plan that YOU create with a specific child or small group of students as your focus. You must provide a narrative which shares academic needs and strengths of the child/ children and how you are modifying the instruction to meet specific needs. Benchmark information that you gather should be the rationale for the lesson, materials, skills and differentiation. It has to be APA format, have to be fully written lesson plan without any errors!Write this lesson plan for the 1st grade kids!!!!This is for Early Literacy Instruction,and my major is Early Childhood and Special Education from birth to 2nd grade! Select an academic literacy skill that supports language or language and communication in the elementary grades. This should be a direct outgrowth of an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) or a related IEP goal. For a non IEP student, you should address a student’s area of deficit for which you would want to create a goal (RTI or pre-referral). If you do not have a particular child in mind, you will be given a sample IEP from which to work and develop aa rationale for the lesson plan. In addition, explain how mastery of this skill supports another curricular area (mathematics, social studies, science, fine or gross motor, communication, etc). Prior to beginning instruction, obtain or collect baseline data (background information) on the student’s current level of ability on this targeted skill or refer to the baseline data provided in the PLOP of the referenced IEP. This will be used to inform your planning. Design your lesson. Using this information, develop one lesson for your student that addresses a Primary and Secondary skill you have selected based on what you now know about the student and his/her IEP goals. Be sure to state your learning goals in terms of Behavioral Objectives. This will allow you to be able to measure and determine mastery at the mid-point (medial summary) and end of the lesson (closure). Develop a lesson that sequentially leads the student from what is already known to the new goal. Be sure to include any specific language (vocabulary) that is to be introduced, learned or reviewed that relates to this specific lesson or the topic, in general. State in your lesson plan how you will determine mastery.

Plan a means of determining this mastery by creating a Behavioral Objective(s) that has measurable criteria (you are able to observe it). By the end of the lesson, you should be able to measure the progress that the student has made as a result of this lesson and have an objective means of making this assessment. Your lesson plan should be detailed enough that a substitute or other teacher could understand it well enough to use it in a classroom. (Use the lesson plan template provided with these instructions). Explain learning tasks that will be used to teach the skill and help the student to integrate this new knowledge with their previous knowledge (scaffolding). Include any modifications or accommodations that will assist the student to meet the individual learning objective (for example, the learning environment, group composition, assistive technology).Resources and materials to be used. Follow APA format when providing a theoretical justification of the lesson and use at least ten references. The format of your lesson should include the following: Introduction Lesson Reflection/Analysis supported by research Conclusion References (3 at minimum) Appendices (if any) in case you need to include any materials Write a lesson plan. Your lesson plans should be detailed enough that a substitute or other teacher could understand it well enough to use it in a classroom. (You may use the lesson plan template provided with this instruction). Your lesson plans should include the following information: State-adopted learner academic content standards, modified standards, or alternative standards that are the target of learning (Please list the number and text of the standard. If only a portion of a standard is being addressed, then only list the relevant part[s].). Lesson objectives with measurable criteria. How will you determine the objective has been achieved by the conclusion of these lessons? o Be sure to include any instructional strategies and modifications/ accommodations that are needed in order for the focus student to master the learning objective (i.e. environment, group composition, assistive technology). o As appropriate, describe how other adult personnel will be involved in this lesson. List any resources and materials that will be used to help facilitate the lesson. Include a sample, where possible. o You can incorporate different strategies in this unit plan/learning segment, such as functional literacy activities, literacy play, shared writing, etc. The components of the unit plan are, but not limited to, (a) teacher preparation prior to the lesson; (b) introduction of the lesson; (c) process of the lesson itself consisting of a number of activities, or tasks; (d) extensions; (e) evaluation. edTPA Lesson have to include all of these in Central Focus:Describes important understandings and core concepts. •Goes beyond list of facts and skills. •Aligns with content standards and learning objectives. •Addresses the subject-specific components in the lesson plan should include all of these in Learning Objectives•What students should know •What students should do •Observable language, measurable verbs •CCLS Standard number and text with clear link to the lesson content

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