Envision a Sustainable World: Business Ethics and American Business

Must be 7-8 pages, numbered pages, double spaces on both sides, Times New Roman, 12pt font, with any needed citations included. Paper is worth 150 total points for a cumulative grade. Envision a Sustainable World Goal: Envision a sustainable world.

Explain why this world will be sustainable for future generations, and outline a responsible, pragmatic plan for you to help attain that vision. Directions: Imagine a sustainable world in 30 years, including a statement of your role in it. This could include: where you live, job you have, how you spend your time. You might describe home, transportation, communication, energy, food, entertainment, education, politics, religion, etc. The role of business should also be a part of your description.

Explain why this world will be sustainable. Use any ideas or readings from the course. You may use other sources also, if you choose. Articulate your own role in creating the world you envision. Spell out a set of clear, practical action steps that you plan to take over the next 30 years of your life to do your part in realizing your vision for a sustainable future. Develop an argument to support these responsibilities, drawing from ethical norms, Catholic Social Justice principles and/or Laudato Si. In sum, write a paper that answers:

1) What would a sustainable world look like? 2) Why do you think this world is sustainable? 3) Why and how I will assume personal responsibility in my life to help create this sustainable world? This is an opportunity for you to be imaginative and creative.

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