Psych 457: Honours Seminar in Personality and Clinical Psychology

Instructions for Critical Analysis Papers

Twice during the course, students will critique select pieces of media that are relevant to our discussion of ASD. Papers should address each of these questions:  Who is the speaker? Is the speaker credible? (20 points)

 What is the speaker’s main message? (10 points)

 Identify, describe, and evaluate 3 pieces of evidence that the speaker uses to support this message. (30 points)  Do you agree with the message? Why or why not? Support your position by drawing upon scientifically sound evidence (including a minimum of 3 sources). (30 points) In addition to the above, up to 10 points are awarded for writing plus adherence to APA style. Papers should not exceed 4 pages, double-spaced, plus a reference list. Formatting should adhere to APA guidelines for style and citations. Students are required to upload their papers to the course dropbox on the designated due date . Late submissions will not be accepted.

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