For your final project, which is worth 30 percent of your total grade, you will write a research paper of 10-12 pages about measuring and predicting financial stress for business enterprises. The accounting literature includes several financial stress prediction models for business enterprises. The most common models are Altman Z-Score and Ohlson O-Score. These models are basically focusing on financial ratios, earnings measures, market values, and cash flow. The financial stress prediction models can be used as early warning tools to direct company’s management to take the necessary corrective action before the company goes into financial difficulties and bankruptcy phases.

Your paper should present comprehensive discussion and analysis of at least three financial stress prediction models. The paper should present an application of one of these models on two companies listed in the stock market. You should present valid conclusion and clear opinion on each company’s financial stress status. 


TOPICS The final project assignment covers the following topics:

• Measuring and predicting financial stress models

• Financial statements for companies listed in the stock market

• Financial ratios and financial performance measures for companies listed in the stock market

• Academic researches related to measuring and predicting financial stress

• Papers and articles on financial stress and financial difficulties  

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