What adjustments, if any, should OTPP make to its base valuation model

Each person should hand in a one-page summary of their analysis of the case. What you turn in should summarize your conclusions and convince me that you have done some analysis, but in just one page maximum. Your analysis should touch on the following questions:

1. Should OTPP even be investing in oil sands if they want to be a responsible investor?

2. What is the fiduciary duty of the pension fund?

3. The following two questions are things that I want you to think about generally, and specifically as you evaluate the two possible investments in this case: i) What are the potential barriers to implementing the PRI? ii) How can ESG information be incorporated into financial analysis?

4. Evaluation of Enbridge as an investment of OTPP: Assume that absent any ESG concerns, investment in Enbridge is favorable.

a) What would be the financial impact if Enbridge had to pay for the entire Kalamazoo cleanup?

b) What is the impact of a delayed or denied project to Enbridge?

c) Assume Enbridge can invest $1 billion in additional safety measures for its Northern Gateway project.

Cheng believes this will increase the likelihood of regulatory approval by 70%. How much should Cheng add to his valuation? d) What adjustments, if any, should OTPP make to its base valuation model of Enbridge? Think about recurring spills and the value of the Northern Gateway project.

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