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You will need to prepare a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation about the Civilian Irregular Defense Group program. The Civilian Irregular Defense Group program (CIDG, pronounced “sid-gee”) was a program developed by the U.S. government in the Vietnam War to develop South Vietnamese irregular military units from minority populations. To helped with explaining the program please see the attached a PDF named, cidgprogram. However, you will need to do all of the additional research for the information on this program. When preparing this PowerPoint, there is no need to spend a lot of time defining the Operational Environment leading up to the Civilian Irregular Defense Group program. The general instructions for CONTENT are as follows: • Include content on the following: Special Operations units involved in assigned event Units’ specialized selection, training, and equipping for assigned event Unique capability, problem, and/or contribution to success Event-specific activities related to USSOCOM Core Activities (the core activities are listed at the bottom of this document Lesson learned and evolution of SOF capabilities Follow the attached rubric to meet any instructions not listed in this document Make this a standalone PowerPoint (meaning, use the note section to clarify content) NOTE: If the assigned event covers a large campaign (i.e. Vietnam, IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM), focus on one Special Operations operation. • Also include your own analysis of the units, core activities and evolution of SOF. The general instructions for ORAL AND VISUAL COMMUNICATION are as follows: • Use three-part communication in your presentation: introduction, body, and conclusion with effective transitions. • Use good slide preparation and color techniques: focus on information, minimal animations, coordinated colors, etc. (reference Visual Communication lesson from Joint & SOF Organizational Leader Communication course). • Use good text and graphics techniques: 7×7 rule, legible and practical text, large and good-quality images, and relevant graphics.  Below there is the informaiton to help with the core activities: VIETNAM (1955-1975) Units: not all of these units were involved with CIDG: SFG, Rangers, MISO, CA (Army); SEALs, UDTs, PBRs, Riverine (Navy); ARCS, 4400 Combat Crew Training Squadron (Air Force); Force Reconnaissance (Marines) AORs: Laos, N/S Vietnam Core Activities: DA, SR, FID, UW, COIN, MISO, CA, CCT (FAC’s), Aviation FID

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