SOWK 501 Ecomap and Self-Care Plan Assignment Instructions Overview For this assignment, you will

SOWK 501

Ecomap and Self-Care Plan Assignment Instructions


For this assignment, you will evaluate your life situation and develop a plan of personal health to maintain self-care. The assignment submission will include a current APA cover page, the Ecomap graphic, a 3-page reflection paper and the SMART Form.


Ecomaps are useful tools to help map out, visualize, and better understand connections. You are to develop an Ecomap graphic reflecting the following information. List at least five people with whom you feel most connected. List the person’s name and the common connection(s) between you and this person. Draw an arrow from your name to each person. The thickness of that arrow will reflect the strength of the relationship. Consider your relationship with each person and discuss it in the narrative. Does your interaction with this person improve your self-care plan through relief of anxiety, stress, and the burdens of life? Or does this person or interaction increase stress? Consider ways the connection with each person could improve your self-care?

Likewise, in the Ecomap graphic list all the places you go throughout a typical week, such as school, work, the homes of family and friends, businesses, restaurants, health spas, 12-Step meetings, spiritual places, and so forth. Beside each place, note the reason(s) you go to this place. Then, examine whether this place aids in or detracts from your self-care. How can you increase your connection with the places that support your wellness and limit the places that do not?

You will use the
Ecomap Template to develop your graph. You will write a 3-page paper in APA style reflecting your findings from the development of the Ecomap.

For this assignment, you will reference the Learn items:
Explore: Developing a Self-Care Plan and
Wellbeing and Self-Care to develop a personal Self-Care Plan chart using the
SMART Form provided under the
Resources section on the assignment page. You must address the physical, psychological, social, professional/academic, and spiritual dimensions in your care plan. Specific goals/objectives (more than 1 per category) and accountability measures must be noted using the SMART format. (SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.)

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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