CAP Personal Plan Assignment – This is initial Instructions (Highlighted in green) at the beginning of the semester (Updated instructions are

CAP Personal Plan Assignment – This is initial Instructions (Highlighted in green) at the beginning of the semester (Updated instructions are below)

Rubric for CAP Personal Plan – 18 pts – used for plan at beginning of semester and at end of semester

1-2-page paper at beginning of semester worth 9 pts (this is only the one that’s needed right now)

1-2-page paper at the end of semester worth 9 pts (you will update the first paper)

___/ 3 CAP Philosophy—what are my ideas about CAP?  Where did they come from? 

CAP Philosophy example: an example of my philosophy and perspective on CAP.  My perspective on Community Administrative Practice is that it offers an understanding of how important macro practice is to the social work profession and the community touched by its principles.  If you don’t have any experience with CAP you could state at this point in my education my perspective on CAP is XYZ and I look forward to learning more about macro practice and the skills needed to be a good social worker in this setting.

___/ 3 Assessment of own CAP strengths and Needs

___/ 3 Action plan build on strengths and address needs—both admin and community practice


** Explain in CAP Personal Plan at the end of the semester addresses how your understanding of macro practice has grown and/or changed.


Part 2: End-of-Semester Reflective Update (Due at the end of the semester, worth 9 points)
Update and expand your initial paper by revisiting each of the original components. This paper should also be 1-2 pages in length and should include:

Updated CAP Philosophy (3 points)

Description: Reflect on how your views on CAP have evolved throughout the semester. Include any new insights gained from your coursework and experiences.

Prompt: How has my understanding of CAP and its relevance to macro practice changed? What new perspectives have I gained?

Reassessment of CAP Strengths and Needs (3 points)

Description: Reevaluate your strengths and areas of need in light of the semester’s experiences. Discuss any progress made or new challenges encountered.

Prompt: What improvements have I noticed in my strengths and what areas still require attention?

Revised Action Plan (3 points)

Description: Update your action plan to reflect any new goals or changes based on your reassessment. Ensure that it remains relevant and targeted toward your continued growth in CAP.

Prompt: What adjustments will I make to my action plan to continue my development in CAP?

4. Note: Use APA formatting (Include title and reference page). You must reference the textbook and other course content.

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