Course Textbook(s) Kroenke, D. M., & Boyle, R. J. (2023). Experiencing MIS (10th ed.). Pearson.

Course Textbook(s) Kroenke, D. M., & Boyle, R. J. (2023). Experiencing MIS (10th ed.). Pearson.

Assignment three


Written Proposal Instruction

Congratulations! You were just hired as an MIS consultant for a prestigious technology firm and have been assigned to work on an exciting new project for Sanaford University. Sanaford University was recently gifted $1.1 billion to establish a brand-new college concentrating on climate change involving energy, climate science, sustainable development, and environmental justice.

Your firm was hired to help develop a technology plan to support this new endeavor. Your first task will be to create a proposal that recommends hardware, software, and applicable cloud services. The college is moving fast and planning to hire 10 new research faculty members to augment 90 existing Sanaford faculty drawn from the Schools of Earth, Energy, and Environment.

New research faculty hold the responsibility for developing curriculum, conducting classroom instruction, and performing fieldwork research. Fieldwork encompasses global travel and will require a great deal of data collection and note-taking. To support new faculty members, the university plans to hire five administrative assistants.

Fifteen new staff members will need computer hardware, software, and network access to support daily work, communication, and research.

Include the following elements in your proposal:

1. Outline essential hardware that will support on-premises and remote work (i.e., mobile and non-mobile clients, servers, and operating systems).

2. Propose software applications that will support data collection tasks, analysis, and sharing as well as communication and collaboration. Classify each recommendation in either horizontal-market, vertical-market, or one-of-a-kind application. Indicate if software is off-the-shelf, off-shelf with customization, or a custom developed application.

3. Explain how the new college can take advantage of cloud technology. Include which cloud applications and services you feel are best suited to facilitate daily work, research, and teaching functions.

4. Predict how future cloud technologies could further champion the work of the Climate Change College.

Your completed project should be at least two pages in length, not counting the title and references page. You are encouraged to be creative. You must use at least two sources, one of which may be your textbook, to support your responses. All content must follow APA guidelines, including all sources used, which must be cited and referenced according to APA Style.


The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.


Citation Guide


CSU Online Library Research Guide


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Assignment four

Unit IV Journal

Assignment Content

Top of Form

Select a fictitious business or one in which you currently work. Provide a brief introduction that includes an overview of the business. Develop a diagram specific to the selected business that explains the relationship among industry structure, competitive strategy, value chains, business processes, and information systems.

Working from the bottom up, describe how the knowledge you gained in the first few chapters of your textbook pertains to your diagram. Explain how the technology and these relationships have changed over the last 2 decades. Discuss how technologies like robotics, low code systems, and intelligent automation may impact future business processes.

Your journal should be at least one written page and include one diagram. Your diagramming should be no more than one page in length. Include at least two external sources, one of which may be your textbook. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. Remember to compare your essay with the rubric before submitting.

Bottom of Form

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